Travel Performance: Jazz Sous Les Pommiers (FR)

The Roots of Music will be traveling to perform at the world famous Jazz Sous Les Pommiers in Countances in Normandy, FR. Executive Director Morgan Stewart, Band Director Darren Rodgers, Senior Music Instructor Shoan Ruffin, and Music Instructor LeBron Joseph will be leading 13 students on this incredible journey to perform at the Normandy festival on the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Students: McKenzie Bourgeois, Kelci McGinnis, Caleb Wilson, Gary Williams, Dream Rickmon, Corey Cotton, Bevan Gordon, Perry Gordon, Derrick Santa Cruz, Tryisten Washington, Chance Nichols, Kameron Brown, Nylah Wright.


Performance: IPNO 18th Anniversary Gala

The Roots of Music will be performing along with the Young Brave Hunters Mardi Gras Indians at Innocence Project New Orleans’s 18th Anniversary Gala on Friday, May 31. The event will be held at the Fillmore Auditorium in Harrah’s Casino, with performances beginning around 7:15pm. Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO) is a non-profit organization that frees innocent, life-sentenced prisoners In Louisiana and Mississippi, the two states with the highest incarceration rates in the country. Find out more at

7:15 pm -